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Welcome To Paradise!


Without a shadow of a doubt, THE band of my formative years was Green Day. From entry level ‘Dookie’ to ‘Nimrod’, ‘1039/Smoothed Out Slappy Hours’, ‘Insomniac’ and even ‘Warning’ there really was no wrong doing by them in my eyes so despite falterings of recent years, it was really fucking cool that the punks who captured my imagination were inducted into the 2015 Rock n Roll Hall Of Fame.

Looking back at the high school parties where 3 things happened: babes air guitared the shit out of ‘Basket Case’, they feigned sensitivity by learning ‘Good Riddance’ by heart and the training for later years to be spent in the bin got well underway. And deservedly so, we consumed a lot Bacardi Breezers in a very short space of time. Quite fittingly, today Green Day launched the Trash Can Bundle Set and 14-strong t-shirt series in celebration of their induction.

Availble now from Green Day’s online store the super sick bundle includes all 14 tees, plus the Bonus Rock & Roll Hall of Fame T-Shirt and limited edition, collectable Trash Can. All t-shirt graphics are hand drawn and inspired by the ‘Dookie’ Album, including the bin exclusive. The Trash Can Bundle Set comes in at a steep $300 but there is an alternative; pic n mix any 5 of the $25 tees and get them for $100 – that’s twenty bucks a shirt for anyone who can’t be arsed to figure out the maths. It’s okay, it’s Friday.

Before I dive right into the bin with a big wholehearted congratulations to my teen idols and their 2015 classmates check out My Top Three here.