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We Love The New Deftones Merch

Deftones have dropped a whacking load of totally awesome new merchandise online and it’s fair to say, it was love at first sight for us. But why have we fallen so hard? Hold tight and we’ll spill our guts.

The Prints
Artwork from the albums which soundtracked our formative years and first stole our hearts get some modern TLC – some of which we have happily touched on before. And now, even more apparel have been given the all over treatment.

Ponies, florals and full frontal skulls take centre stage.

The Accessories
Tactical drinking apparatus. Sublimation socks. Holy sheets. We could continue to list, but we won’t. Instead we will gush about just how fucking cool it is to browse accessories that we actually want to own. Exhibit A, the Womens Survival Pack: made up of a dye sublimated coin purse, roach clip and comb.

Chuck in a black eyeliner and we’re set.

The Personal Touch
Sometimes you should just take it personally. Chino & co. have winter down and this legitimately cool varsity jacket is the one. There are many crappy varsity jackets on the market but Deftones have naileed it. Quelle surprise.

Bright red with optic white, quality varsity jacket made in the US can be customised with your name on the right chest. Take it one step further and bundle up with the White Pony red snapback, embroidered with an, erm, white pony.

The Girls Are Covered
Seriously, the fact that this girlie range isn’t totally shit is a miracle. And before we start getting trolled, that is not a reflection on Deftones (we love them, can’t you tell?!) but the precedent of girl’s merch across the board. Seriously, there’s not a shoddy, ill-fitting, kinda-ribbed, bad quality jersey in sight and it’s refreshing.

In fact, it’s delightfully modern. Ponies, kitties and graphic florals decorate t-shirts you actually want to wear, crew necks, and yoga pants. Yes, yoga pants. Soulful and effortlessly cool, this women’s collection has been designed with women and quality at heart.