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Walk This Way To Amplified’s Hall Of Fame


Born out of the underground alt music scene and stadium rock shows in equal measures, Amplified Clothing has long been the home to some of the most iconic band merch on the planet and this week they launched their brand new look website with two Spring collections in tow. And with a plethora of infamous designs in store, I couldn’t be more stoked to shop the best in show.

The Hall Of Fame, the first of two, contains the quintessential designs from the world’s biggest and best – think The Rolling Stones, GnR, ACDC, Ramones, Sabbath…you catch my drift. It’s not exactly a newsflash that vintage style tees are the epitome of cool and thanks to the relaxed fit and soft jersey, they’re ready-worn-in as if they’re hand-me-downs gifted at birth, making this series of washed out, relaxed fit, guys and girls tees are the bee’s knees.

Oh, and of course all the artwork printed is 100% official – Touting Timothys begone back to the tarpaulin from whence you came!

Second up is the magick Chili Peppers Capasule collection. With the Stacked with classic Chili’s graphics as well as some artwork being licensed for the first time ever like the ‘Smile’ Tee created for Woodstock Anniversary headlined by RHCP.

With a brand new site and two collections good to go, this is a great revival for the more lack luster Amplified of days gone by, marking a new era for the clothing brand.

On the list…
Motley Crue – Girls Girls Girls T-Shirt

Slayer – Slayer Army T-Shirt

Ramones – 1974 Crewneck Sweater

Run DMC – Logo Redline T-Shirt

Led Zepellin – ’77 Crew Neck T-Shirt

Queen – Japan 76 T-Shirt