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Trophy Eyes For Some, Simpson’s Tees For Others

Once Lenny cried: “Homer gets more attention than me.” Well, okay he has a point seeing as Homer is a leading lad and all, but Trophy Eyes are giving this underdog his time to shine. Sure, he’s getting suckerpunched by Homer but at least the spotlight is shining on him. Pre-order your own Lenny from Trophy Eye’s online store.

Over the past few months they’re not the only ones to get in on the act: Neck Deep, A Day To Remember plus some of my favourite fashion brands have added their spin to Matt Groening’s famous fivesome. Check out my snapshot of the six best Simpsons inspired garb on the web right now.


Trophy Eyes – Lenny T-Shirt | Neck Deep – Everything’s Coming Up Millhouse T-Shirt | A Day To Remember – White Springfield T-Shirt | Hype X Simpsons – Bar Goers Bag | Drop Dead – Cat Splat Fever T-Shirt | Hype X Simpsons – High School Vest

Who… likes… short shorts?