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The Gospel Youth’s Growing Empires


New kids on the pop punk block The Gospel Youth have been getting much well deserved attention recently, and quite rightly so. Check out this stream of ‘Homesick’ if you have any doubts…

The band have launched the pre-orders bundles for their brand new EP ‘Empires’ – the follow up to their debut ‘Kids’ – on Speaking Tongues today. ‘Empires’ is set for release on July 13th. The digital five-tracker has been coupled up with the awesome Mononoke T-Shirt; a particularly sick two-colour print shirt channelling my favourite badass anime Princess.

There’s a toothache inducing layer of icing on this sweet, sweet cake though. Pre-order your EP and be entered into a draw to win some big time prizes:

– two train tickets to the band’s hometown of Brighton to sing at Lucky Voice for a few hours of karaoke and party with The Gospel Youth
– have The Gospel Youth come to your house and play an acoustic set for you and all your friends.

– A signed physical copy of ‘Empires’ a week before release
– A copy of the watercolour used for the EP artwork from Ellen McCrimmon (according to the product listing, we’ll all see it soon)
– A picture of Julian’s cat, Schnarf
– Sam’s personal lyric book used throughout the entire process of making the record
– a limited edition shirt in the size of your choice
– a bunch of sweets
– whatever awesome stuff they can find.

You read all the way to the end? Waste no time, get involved right here, right now.