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Shut Up And Take Our Money: Pokémon Pins


After years retreating back to the hardcore fans after its late 90s Game Boy heyday, summer 2016 belongs to Pokémon. Pokémon Go has taken the world by storm (it is the largest mobile game EVER in the US within weeks), and both both Nintendo and the Pokémon company look set to have a bumper 2016 due to the huge global success of the AR game (that hasn’t launched in the UK officially yet).

We’re big Pokémon fans here at Merch Mouth, and there’s little doubt that Pokémon have been masters of merchandising since day one. Starting out life as an RPG, Pokémon soon took over the world with trading cards, a TV show and movies, and anything you could think to merchandise has probably been done (twice). It seems only appropriate that the resurgence of pins has led to what can only be described as “the motherload” of awesome Pokémon pins being made up. Be prepared to drain your wallets on our top 5 from the official store (if you live in the US, that is).

Gyarados and Magikarp

Starter Pokémon 4 pack

Jolteon and Flareon

Pichu and Togepi

Dragon pack

Gotta browse ’em all

Now… where on earth is the UK store?