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Shut Up And Take Our Money: Pokémon Pins


After years retreating back to the hardcore fans after its late 90s Game Boy heyday, summer 2016 belongs to Pokémon. Pokémon Go has taken the world by storm (it is the largest mobile game EVER in the US within weeks), and both both Nintendo and the Pokémon company look set to have a bumper 2016 due to the huge global success of the AR game (that hasn’t launched in the UK officially yet).

We’re big Pokémon fans here at Merch Mouth, and there’s little doubt that Pokémon have been masters of merchandising since day one. Starting out life as an RPG, Pokémon soon took over the world with trading cards, a TV show and movies, and anything you could think to merchandise has probably been done (twice). It seems only appropriate that the resurgence of pins has led to what can only be described as “the motherload” of awesome Pokémon pins being made up. Be prepared to drain your wallets on our top 5 from the official store (if you live in the US, that is).

Gyarados and Magikarp

Starter Pokémon 4 pack

Jolteon and Flareon

Pichu and Togepi

Dragon pack

Gotta browse ’em all

Now… where on earth is the UK store?

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Deftones Gore Bundles Are Fucking Brilliant

ERRRRMEHGERD! New Deftones’ track is out in the world and it’s fucking massive with a bunch of fitting album bundles.


There are three bundles live featuring different configurations of these rad products:

• Gore 140 gram White Vinyl Record OR Gore CD
• Album Art T-Shirt (Unisex fit / 100% Cotton)
• Gore Puff Embroidered Black Snapback Hat
• Deftones Enamel Pin
• 12×18 Hand Screened Serigraph

Shop them all here.

Alongside the core album offers is a range of merch so cool it borders being smug. It’s pretty annoying the merch bundles are only available in the US so team up with a buddy to trim those sharp shipping fees, but if you’re ex-US and want the music their UK/EU Warner Music Store has you covered.

Check out our favourites below and then FFS click the pics and get yourself stuck in.






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Sports Direct Strike Again

Last years jaws were floored by Sports Direct’s seemingly random catalogue of official band merch covering the breadths of rock n roll from pop punk to heavy metal. Well, we’re diving back in!

There’s a bunch of tees and hoodies on sale right now, and this is our top ten of what’s on offer from the sports bargain behemoths.


Pvris Baseball Tee – £19.99









Bring Me The Horizon Tee – £9.99
mcr leggings








My Chemical Romance Spider Leggings – £19.99








Misfits Hoodie – £31.99









No Masters Baseball Tee – £8.00

tonight alive








Tonight Alive T-Shirt – £9.99









Stiff Little Fingers T-Shirt – £9.99









A Day To Remember Hoodie – £31.99










Nirvana Servants Baseball Tee – £19.99

blur tee








Blur Tee – £9.99

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Halloween Trick Or Tees!

They are limited edition, definitely crass and run the risk of being as camp as Christmas. Be afraid…be very afraid!

Yes, Halloween is coming. The time of year has struck once more where whacking a pair of cat ears on your bonce – a la Karen Smith & Gretchen Wieners – makes you instantly party ready and bands get really batty over their merch. Dusting off the cobwebs to bewitch us all with their spellbindingly silly designs. It’s no trick, but our top 6(66) festive treats on the market right now.

Fall Out Boy’s hypnotising spirals will have you in a spin. Fear not, bats sense only movement…and fear.









Heeeeeeere’s Jason! Back for another round, Mr Vorhees and The Menzingers prove to be a formidable pair after the tee was originally a single run back in 2014.

menzingers - jason









Envisage TWIABP’s finale. In a casket adorned with skulls and bats and surrounded by flaming pyres. Killer.
twiabp halloween









Watch out Real Friends! I don’t think Michael Myers is as big a pop punk fan as you think. Looks like he’s shaping up to slay another day.










A skull to visit you beyond the safety net of R.E.M.? It could happen…and it will thanks to Vans Warped Tour!
vans halloween









Sugar you’re going down…oh wait! Hi My Name Is Mark‘s Sugar Skulltopus screams Dia De Los Muertos!

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Bully. Eat. Party. Repeat.


We always had an inkling that the Nashville grungers loved to party and now there is solid gold evidence.

Bully launched their merch store earlier this month with two Champers worthy tees: Parking Lot and Party Animal. Featuring 99 cent store versions of Disney darlings, the truly Next Level tee is of course the Party Animal. Printed on Next Level 6010 Tri Blend Shirts, beer and bubbles play the balancing act in marigold ink on heather black unisex t-shirt it quite perfectly sums up summer life goals and highlights the very real struggle of choosing between two boozy favourites. Apparently MM and Bully are on the same level.



Having picked up the Parking Lot shirt at their Lexington gig a month or so back, Next Level blanks come highly recommended as potential game changers in the t-shirt blank department due to comfort and durability. Anyway, check out the shirts below and click the pics to go shopping!


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Brace Yourself For New Departures


In a crap attempt to get ready for Slam Dunk South I’ve been far too easily distracted by news of new merch from Departures. There’s no real hint of what they’re about to drop but I’m certain having the option of online shopping tomorrow will ease the world of pain that awaits. Thanks in advance, Departures!

Keep eyes firmly on this evening for the latest clobber from Departures.

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Don Broco Money Free Shopping

Don Broco can walk the walk, and do their darnedest to talk the talk on their current UK show run with the aid of the Don Broco app.

The handy application lets you browse the latest news and events, as well as taking that all important #DonBroco Selfie – submit yours and you might win a meet & greet with the band! The standout functionality is the shop on hand to get albums and tour merch into fans’ paws with ease; it offers delivery or collection at the Donny B gig of your choice, and 10% off merch at their merch stand when you use the app to pre-order the new record.

Others have come before it in the form of multi-artist platforms such as SideStep and Miner but this is up there in one of the better artist apps on the market. It’s interactive, looks cool and is easy to use. Plus, discounts – with or without busting out your selfie stick! (Shame on you!).

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Are You READY For Roadrunner Records Store Launch?

Hell Yes! Finally, the home of all things metal bring it home to UK shores as they fling open the digital doors to an inspired collection of merch, music, signed exclusives & more. to celebrate the launch there is a competition running with the sickest of all prizes up for grabs. The type of prize bragging rights were made for – seriously.

We took our time to lust after a whole host of Slipknot, Korn and Killswitch Engage music goodies before diving into the merch catalogue. Without further ado, shop our top fucking 6:
Trivium’s Reaper Cloak T-Shirt is metal as fuck.
Empress AD’s Mandala T-Shirt because fucking Peace pal.
Gojira’s Dragon T-Shirt has a fucking dragon on it.
Gojira’s Mouth Skull T-Shirt. We have this and always feel fucking rad wearing it.
Marmozets’ Lined Hate Hoodie is as clear and fucking simple as Hear’Say. But actually cool.
King 810’s Bandana depicts a beardy fucking hipster king but they’re so metal? Fucking intriguing, no?

There is even more scope in the music department and if you pick up anything from the newly opened store and you are guaranteed to be in with a chance to win the fucking incredible Slipknot Fridge or every release from the last year. All together now – FUCK YES!


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Real Friends’ Zippy Debut

Real Friends have just dropped their first ever zip up hoodies in their US store.

Classic heather grey cotton jersey plays canvas to a snazzy sailor back print for the Illinois sad boys’ debut into front fastening winter warmers. We particular enjoy the tasteful nod to the world’s best loved sk8er grl: Avril Lavigne. So go on, layer up! And yes, all this loveliness could be yours for $34.00.

As of right now this isn’t available in the band’s UK/EU store but if the shipping is too much to bear, don’t forget you can catch Real Friends on their European tour with All Time Low this Spring. On top of these dates there will be a trio of headline shows where they’re sure to have some fine wears in stock.

You want tickets to the headline UK shows?
MAR 19 Sound Control, Manchester
MAR 21 Asylum, Birmingham
MAR 22 Underworld, London

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Are You Game For Accessories?

After Christmas we treated ourselves to a Nintendo WiiU because apparently the wonderful gifts we received weren’t quite enough. Kidding, but this console has been worth its weight in gold in the few days in our possession and I’m already kicking Tom’s butt on Super Smash Bros.

Gaming merch took control over Amazon’s homepage today, with spotlight focused on Assasin’s Creed, Nintendo, Pokemon, Call Of Duty and Minecraft you’d be hard pushed to see past what caught our eye. Having picked up some Nintendo treats at Hyper Japan last summer, we were keen to get stuck into the super fun world of gaming merch. In particular, the accessories.

This world is nothing but wall to wall entertainment and this spills freely over into the merchandise these companies and franchises create. Where more serious game franchises go head first into action figures and collectibles, our favourite funsters Nintendo have a stronghold in a plushy world of cuddly character cushions, retro totes and bric-a-brac, mugs and so on. And they do it so well.

It’s fun to take a step out of the oh-so-serious world of music merch and enjoy the nostalgic refresher that sees Mario, Luigi, Yoshi and Princess Peach get reworked into tangible fuzzy friends. Our favourites have been listed in the gallery above, and you can check out Amazon’s curation in full here.

Our top 3 items:
Zelda Reversible Backpack
Mushroom Stripey Socks
Tanooki Mario