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So Thankful That Pizzanista Has Descended Into Our Lives

Yes, thanks to the forthcoming album from LA-super punks Descendents and their collaboration with California pizza gurus, Pizzanista is firmly in our eye.

Offering much more than sweet pies and free refills, Pizzanista have stretched out into the world of pizza-themed spin-offs taking on and working with the Greats of music and skate worlds, including Bad Brains, The Rolling Stones and of course, their fromage to Dog Town is the upper crust of world play.







Enough about that, let’s talk Hypercaffium Spazzinate.

Descendents are the latest to roll out with Pizzainsta and their sick limited edition pizza box of gut busting treats will be available to order from July 29th in-store and online.

The Hypercaffium Spazzinate collab features one Large cheese or pepperoni pizza, the ridiculous Descendenista tee and Descendenista pizza box. Understandly/sadly, only merch can be ordered online, if you want the pizza get yourself down to your nearest Pizzanista spot tomorrow.


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Descendents Are Back With Hypercaffium Spazzinate

Punk stalwarts Descendents have launched the pre-order for their brand new album “Hypercaffium Spazzinate”, due for release on 29th July 2016 on Epitaph Records.

It’s the band’s first album in ten years and last night they posted this statement on their Tumblr outlining exactly how much bang you’ll get for your buck.

“We are very excited to announce the brand new Descendents album, Hypercaffium Spazzinate releasing July 29th on Epitaph Records! This is the first Descendents album in 12 years and we could not be more thrilled to share it with you. There will also be an accompanying EP, Spazzhazard, containing an additional five bonus tracks!
Hypercaffium Spazzinate is available on vinyl, CD, and deluxe CD while Spazzhazard is available on vinyl available exclusively from Kings Road or as a bonus disc with the deluxe CD. And as a special thank you for supporting the store over the years, we have Hypercaffium Spazzinate on an exclusive glow in the dark vinyl! This pressing is being made available only to past customers while supplies last. Glow in the dark vinyl and bundle options can only be found below. Check out the other vinyl colors and CD options at our Official Webstore.”




The “caffeine fueled” 16 track record includes the brand new track “Victim Of Me” and comes with pins and tees in a massive combination of bundles. Note the Hypercaffium Enamel Pin is exclusive to the bundles.

Shop ’em all on Descendents’ official Kings Road merch store!

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Life Is Better In A Christmas Sweater

Christmas jumpers used to be the stuffing of nightmares, not the jovial ice breakers they’ve become in recent years with whole charitable days dedicated just to their public outings. Our favourite artists have long been on the bandwagon with knitted efforts peaking year on year with 2014 offering some stunners.

Love ’em or hate ’em, these divisive knits are showing no signs of missing Christmas for at least another year. Sure, most of them come with a less than lovely price tag and they’re totally faddy but we’ll leave our inner Grinch at the door for just enough time to pick out our festive favourites.

Maggots gather, marvel and pray you’ve been a good little larvae this year for EMP have the exclusive on Slipknot’s Christmas offering. At £55.99 let’s hope you have been extra grub-like. While Volbeat take the Nordic line and their gothic take on Fairisle includes skulls, angel wings and Santa hats. Hey, two out of three ain’t bad.

Next up is Drop Dead, not exactly the proprietors of Christmas cheer but they’ve brought out the big guns on their Cohen Jumper. Cohen? Yes, the first thing our minds jump to is Seth and Chrismukkah too. No shame.

December in Sydney isn’t known to be cold but Parkway Drive have lobbed the rule book and created a sweater with the face only a mother could love. Click through at your own risk, this one ain’t pretty but it is limited edition. But of course, holidays are coming in Primark. Spread joy, capitalism and Coca Cola now and forever for around £12. Bargz.

But the superior sweater by far has come from Descendents as coffee time meets Christmas time on Kinds Road. We need not say nay more, just look and marvel upon it’s brilliance.

So while the Christmas jumper has become a mainstream staple, loathed by many, loved by more, spread goodwill to all boys and girls this year by donning your best/worst knitted creations and join in Save The Childrens’ Christmas Jumper Day on 12th December.


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The Latest Punks To Collaborate With Vannen Watches? That would be No Less Than Jake.

Descendents, Hi My Name Is Mark, and Against Me! are all familiar names in the house of Vannen Watches. Less Than Jake are certainly in good company.

The Gainesville punks are the latest band of punk brothers to fall for Vannen’s charm and have released the limited edition “See The Light” time piece. Designed by Richard Minino, only 150 LTJ watches have been produced with each one signed, sealed, and delivered (ok, not really delivered!) by the entire band.

Tech nerds, here are the stats:
Wrist: Med-Large. 8.5 inches Max. Crystal: Plastic. Flat w/ Pad Printing.
Movement: 3 Hand Japanese Quartz. Buckle & Loop: Plastic, Matte Cream.
Dial: 34.8mm, Multi-Color. Hands: Metal, Glossy Gold.
Case: 43mm, Plastic, Matte Blue. Straps: 22mm, Plastic, Multi-Color & Glossy.

The artist watch is water resistant up to 10 meters / 30 feet, but not recommended.

We’ve been lucky enough to own a wrist-full of Vannen artist arm candies – including the Against Me! babe released earlier this year – so we can certainly vouch for the design work that goes into each piece. Despite having a few speed bumps with waning graphics and so on, we enjoy what Vannen are doing with artists and creating a different kind of keep sake. Our advice, wear with care and you won’t be disappointed.

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Boasting a list of clients including Muse, Rise Against, Parkway Drive, The Ghost Inside, Atlantic Records, Epitaph and Asking Alexandria, Tim Minarzik is one to watch. The German design maestro is a huge fan of supporting the local music scene with good values and great design so we caught up with him on what he’s been up to, the renaissance of his former design alias Throne Media and his merch favourites.

Hi Tim! How’s it going? Firstly, for those who aren’t familiar – who or what is Throne Media?

Hey, Throne Media is my design alias. For the last few years I helped local bands get good merch, logo and album designs for a fair price. Just recently I started working for the bigger bands in the industry. That’s why I changed my working name from Throne Media to my real name “Tim Minarzikâ€. But all in all I’m still the one who just loves to help local bands.

If you were to give someone a starting point for your work, what would you point people towards?
I think my website is a good place to browse through my work. But my Facebook site would be a better place to get to know me a bit better. I upload a lot of personal artwork there, try to help people and give feedback. I love to connect with the people that are into my work and facebook allows to do that in a simple way.

Here at Merch Mouth, music merchandise is king. What bands (new or old) do you think have had the most memorable or interesting approaches to merchandise and what are the favourite shirts that you’ve got in your bank at home?
As a merch collector I have over 200 shirts at home. My favorite shirts were always from the same bands. Converge always had awesome designs Jacob Bannon is an awesome artist who defined a style that works so well with their music. The “John Doeâ€-Face is just pure awesome.

I’m also in love with Milo from Descendents. Something about their logo rules so much that I always wanted to have these shirts and albums.

We’re big fans of Milo too! The Descendent’s watches are our favourite staples right now. What are the things that immediately put you off or make you want to buy merch?
If it captures the vibe of the band I mostly like it. But I want to buy a shirt when it’s simple. I’m into bold and simple designs. Thats why I own so many hardcore bandshirts. I’m absolutly no guy for overly illustrated comic designs or street wear based designs. I like shirts that look like a merch design but are simple at the same time.

What bands do you have stuck on repeat at the moment? Who are your tips for 2014?
At the moment I’m into stuff like Tycho or Unkle. Nothing I’d buy merch from but it’s awesome to work to. I also just got into Lorde. Another album I keep coming back to is the new Drake album.

But my taste changes daily. I don’t know which band everyone should look for in 2014. Maybe Polyphia, an instrumental band which is extremly talented, can’t wait for the things they have in store.

Do you take visual inspiration from any of the music you listen to?
Absolutly! When someone contacts me about work I always request some sort of song material with lyrics. I love listening to the songs and come up with ideas I have in mind while listening to the song. I rarely get worked out concepts from bands, they normally just send me a song, lyrics and let me do my thing which always worked out. It’s hard if you don’t like the band but I’m a big music fan so this doesn’t happen too often.

You’ve gone through a bit of an overhaul over the last few months. What does the future hold for Throne Media?
I hope my new website shows that I’m still into helping out everyone. I want to release a lot of resources for aspiring designers and at the same time I want to expand my working field. I just recently started working with a lot of mainstream artists and can’t wait to release these things. I also do a lot more personal artworks and try to get somewhere with these.

If there was any artist or label you could work with, dead or alive, who would you choose and why?
That’s a hard one. My dream client is Slipknot. They got me into Metal music and I remember browsing through their merch back in the day. To have a design approved by them would be really cool. I feel like that’s a really good goal since I’m not too far away from that.

As far as labels I already had my dream label to work with me. I did a design for a band called Heartist which are on Roadrunner. Being that kinda guy who started with Roadrunner this was cool to be paid by that very label. Deathwish Records would be awesome aswell, I feel like they know what they do and collaborate with Jacob Bannon would be the best thing ever for me.

Are there any top tips to pass on to aspiring designers that took you far too long to figure out?
That sounds stupid but the best tip I have is to forget about the big bands if you were just starting out. Maybe don’t even do merch designs. Just work your way through as many tutorials as possible. You might think you are a boss at designing merch and Parkway Drive would be more than happy to work with you but it took me so long to get these bands to pay attention. Just do a lot of non-music based stuff in Photoshop and go from there.

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Say Hello To: HMNIM X VANNEN Watches

Mark Hoppus’ brain child clothing, accessories and generally awesome lifestyle brand, Hi My Name Is Mark, is no stranger to collaborating with scene defining artists and musicians. It therefore comes and no surprise that they have teamed up with armband maestros Vannen Watches to adorn your wrist with HMNIM’s signature cephalopod.

The parties worked together to present a handful of screenings of the recent Descendents documentary: FILMAGE in San Diego in some form so it was only a matter of time before they joined forces and created this sick, exclusive time piece.

Packaged in a stunning matte finish box with glossy HMNIM logos and a beautiful underwater photo taken by Mark Hoppus on a diving trip to Anacapa Island off the coast of Port Hueneme, California,

Only 150 HMNIM watches have been made, and you can be the proud owner of one for just $55 starting Tuesday, January 7th at 5pm GMT, exclusively at

This is a collectors item not to be missed. Vannen Watches ship internationally and their customer service is top notch which is a lovely bonus.

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The Anti-Darcy Christmas Jumpers

Don’t lose your head this Christmas because in the run up to the festivities we’ll be bringing you our picks of perfect presents, sweet stocking stuffers and treats you’d swap your Nan for (sorry Cynthi!). Our first installment puts a keen eye on the classic Christmerch jumper.

Everyone from One Direction to Slayer are stuffing their stores with custom Christmas merch so here are our favourite six seasonal knits that even Mr Darcy – a man who holds the naffest Christmas jumpers extremely close to his heart – would be more than mortified to wear well into Boxing Day.

Descendents 2013 Holiday Sweatshirt €35.90
Swapping coffee time for Christmas time, Descendents Christmas jumper is cosier than a vat of mulled wine and cooler than a penguin’s flipper.

Because these guys. (Hint: 3.50)

Dying Fetus $22.00
Faux-ugly seasons greetings from Dying Fetus are darker than most might want to stomach at such a glutinous time of year. Rape your dog? Errr, we’ll pass, thanks.

Fearless Records $30.00
Taking a more classic approach are Fearless Records. What Christmas is complete without Scandi snowflakes, caligraphy and electric guitars?

Emmure $19.98
Bright red and sporting a knuckleduster. Need we say any more?

Attila $28.00
Attila lower the tone in a more jovial way because reindeer need loving too.