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Rolling Stones’ Sticky Fingers Makes The Cut


Back in the day there weren’t many who wouldn’t want a Mick Jagger of their own to keep, and cherish, and stare at, and love, and lust after. Especially if the myth around the Sticky Fingers artwork is anything to go by – the model for the iconic Andy Warhol art was particularly, and rather infamously, well endowed. Ladies, form an orderly queue.

Over four decades on and well, not much has changed. The Rolling Stones are still just as synonymous with the rock n roll lifestyle and somehow their status as bonafide man candy shows no sign of waning. Today the Sticky Fingers reissues have launched on and while the plethora of music formats are enough to make grown men weep (online exclusive Spanish covers, and real zips, anyone?), Mick, Mick, Bill, Charlie and Keith minis desk friends are all rather captivating.

RS_Sticky_Marketing Image JPEG 123

Mums and Dads and cool relatives will be all over this, and I know one lady in particular who will be thrilled with her ‘just because you’re awesome’ present. (Spoiler alert, avert your eyes, Mum!). A real life* Keith Richards to call her own.

All this talk of Brown Sugar and spice and all this nice has got my tummy growling, Sticky Fingers anyone?

*mini cut out