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Spring Has Sprung At Thunder Apparel

Cold doesn’t begin to cover it but as the nights get a little lighter and the days get a little birghter (kind of…) kick back and grab a slice of Thunder Apparel’s Spring 2015 action.

Long sleeve or short, t-shirts have long been the staple of year-round dressing. Let’s face it nothing’s easier or more of a classic than jeans + t-shirt formula and if it ain’t broke, why fix it? As we take a snoop around Thunder Apparel’s latest lookbook we’re quick to forget about the heavy hoods and trendy flannels peppering this season’s offering because among these transitional bits and bobs lie the big graphic t-shirts the indie is renowned for. And they’re back with a spring in their step and a tasty nod to everyone’s favourite pop punk past times: partying and pizza eating.

Enjoy in your parent’s basement, or the comfort of your own home now that you’ve moved out. Whatever works.

Dating back to 2011 when two friends founded Thunder Apparel on the basis of a love of t-shirts, the duo used their astute customer focus and creative approach to social media to build the brand up to the point it’s at today. With each season comes a new wave of classic Thunder logo tees, all made from 100% cotton and easy roll up sleeves, and with this focus on reinventing their own classic surely it won’t be long before they’re spreading their reach into the realms of custom denim creations.

For now, satisfy your appetite with these Top 5 Teesers

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