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So Thankful That Pizzanista Has Descended Into Our Lives

Yes, thanks to the forthcoming album from LA-super punks Descendents and their collaboration with California pizza gurus, Pizzanista is firmly in our eye.

Offering much more than sweet pies and free refills, Pizzanista have stretched out into the world of pizza-themed spin-offs taking on and working with the Greats of music and skate worlds, including Bad Brains, The Rolling Stones and of course, their fromage to Dog Town is the upper crust of world play.







Enough about that, let’s talk Hypercaffium Spazzinate.

Descendents are the latest to roll out with Pizzainsta and their sick limited edition pizza box of gut busting treats will be available to order from July 29th in-store and online.

The Hypercaffium Spazzinate collab features one Large cheese or pepperoni pizza, the ridiculous Descendenista tee and Descendenista pizza box. Understandly/sadly, only merch can be ordered online, if you want the pizza get yourself down to your nearest Pizzanista spot tomorrow.