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Say Hello To: Holy Pinto!

Hailing from beautiful Canterbury, Holy Pinto have it all to play for and having recently launched a new merch store we keenly caught up with them to talk indie designs, the future and of course, new merch.

We like your new designs a lot because they are quirky and interesting, but why do you like them?
We’re really proud of the designs – collaborating with Sam Cox is something we really enjoy. We feel our designs are quite unique, the images being tied to our songs and artwork, and have even gone for the crazy option of some iphone cases. All our designs are done by an awesome indie designer called Sam Cox.

The visual side to a musical artist is so important; it is such a large part of your character. We use our songs as a basis for the ideas behind the designs, and then Sam will twist them into cool original stuff. For example with our latest grid/cartoon design, each of the little images is one of our song titles in illustrated form! It’s really cool when people try to figure them all out.

Another example is our original “Voxboy†logo, which was based off the amplifier from the cover of one of our EPs. As well as developing the image into illustrated form, Sam had the idea to introduce industrial cityscape within the typography and laid it out in a beautiful way. As for the actual physical execution of the designs – you don’t see many iPhone cases knocking around! We think it’s a cool way to go.

Who is Sam Cox and why did you commission him to create your new merch?
Sam Cox is immensely talented and such a nice guy to work with. We first came across him when he did a poster for our friends in Better Weather’s farewell tour last year. There is absolutely no stopping his creativity and output – a true artist. It’s a no brainer.

So what’s next for Holy Pinto’s merch?
Well, we’ve just linked up with a great merch company in the US called Cold Cuts who are helping distro our new EP next year. They’ve got endless capabilities when it comes to producing merch, so we’re hoping to be able to cheekily tap into that! Embroidery is being brought to the table, so things like snapbacks/beanies are looking like a fun option! Whatever crazy stuff we can dream up that we think people would love.

What do you have coming up in terms of merch, music and/or touring:
The online store is up and running, we’ve got a new EP coming out early next year that we’re really excited about, and we’re super proud of the stuff. It’s been a while since we have officially released any new music. It will be available on vinyl and will be our first physical release. Next tour is a short UK run in mid-January. Plenty of stuff in the pipeline!

And there you have it. Shop the new lines from Holy Pinto here, but first get stuck into the duo’s track ‘Architect’ using the handy player below…