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Ryan Adams’ “1989” Is As Delightfully Sad As His Merch Is Dreamy

Ryan Adams released his cover of Taylor Swift’s 1989 digitally today and now all I can see is cats, cats everywhere.

And while it’s the most convenient format, for purists it will never beat the real thing. Now, it’s not so much that he’s hinted that vinyl is coming, it’s come straight from the horse’s mouth that vinyl is indeed coming. The drawback is the time for it to be released on this coveted format is TBC so in the mean time download the album, whack your headphones on, turn “1989” up to eleven and become so deliriously emotional that the lines of happy and sad are blurred to kingdom come.

Moving swiftly on (no pun intended), it seems Adams has some utterly ludicrous merch in his arsenal, most specifically those inspired by the 1980’s that somehow keeps to themselves happily off radar. That’s all about to change.

As well as their love of that great year, it seems both Ryan and Taylor share a passion for our sublimely dickish favourite four pawed friends. So with sights honed in, let’s split the Felix from the Iams of Ryan Adams’ merchandise; this limited edition now-sold-out Robo Warrior Cat design taken from the poster art for Ryan’s performance on May 3, 2015 in Charlottesville, VA seems like a purrfect place to start. (Sorry not sorry).
Ryan Adams Limited Edition Robo Warrior Cat

Indulge with me in touch retail therapy with catastrophically good t-shirts and we’ll all be feline better in an instant. Yes, these designs are highly ameowsing. As I pick out my favourite stupid Ryan Adams t-shirts click the pics to go shopping straight from his official merch store!

Ryan Adams Catastrophic T-Shirt
Ryan Adams Cat Person T-Shirt
Ryan Adams Superstition T-Shirt

Ryan Adams Hammerstein Event T-Shirt
Ryan Adams Mark Of The Fancy Feast T-Shirt

Ryan Adams 2014 Show Poster















Vinyl is here.

There are many ways to enjoy Ryan Adams “1989” digitally: download direct here or stream it on Spotify or get it on iTunes or check out on Amazon.

* Updated 8.10 with vinyl buy link.