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Pony Tales With Deftones


Deftones are spinning a right yarn with their summer 15 collection, a story so sunny it’s galloping ahead of the summer and with the 15th anniversary of the White Pony the iconic equine takes the blue ribbon. The beach ready range can be summed up into two beautiful words: SPIRALLING PONIES. So if you’re heading to see the band at Amnesia Rock Fest next week then stock up on towels, swimmers and shorts and yes, you will in fact be as disgustingly cool as Chino.

It’s times like this I am so thankful for an overdraft, less so for import customs charges and full time employment. Wah!


















From top: White Pony Jersey | Circle Pony Striped Crop | Gold Foil Tote | White Pony Bikini | Ponies Ponies Ponies Socks | White Pony Shorts