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Pax Am Dream Team

Ladies and gents, brace yourself for what is potentially the ultimate dream team. Combining unequivocal musical talent with devilish good looks, Ryan Adams and Johnny Depp have joined forces and the result is a brand new, limited edition 7″ entitled “No Shadow”, released on 13th January 2015. Browsing Ryan Adam’s Pax Am store not only did we stumble across this concise round up from Adams about the pairing but a minimalist and oh-so natty ornament which could just be the dog’s baubles:

“Johnny came rumbling into PaxAm one night with this riff and an idea of what it was about- a few hour later and one take on a 2 inch 24 track tape machine later we had No Shadow… typed up on my manual typewriter and born and delivered from a simple riff we found on his i phone. Johnny is a real songwriter and one of the deepest guitar players out there. Thats us singing and playing and playing all the parts ourselves with just our pal Marshal Vore on drums.

The B side is from the first night we met where all we did was play and didn’t say a word. This was the third thing we ever played together and there was no discussion. True rock and roll moments, as they should be, unfussy and delivered with all the heart and soul we had that night.

Track three is a little song I wrote about being stoned in the 7-11 parking lot across from Pax which is groundhog day for me and most that fly with us.”

We love you PaxAmer’s. Have a great XMAS


DRA Winter 2014″

Currently out on tour Adams is touting the ugliest of ugly Christmas sweaters complete with emoji kitty faces so if you own a golden ticket be sure to pick one up or Christmas as we all know and love it will be ruined.