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Parkway Drive Have New Merch And It Is BOLD.

Last night my pal Claire went to see Fireworks in Kingston and by all accounts she had a wonderful time seeing as she is a little hoarse today thanks to those darn singalongs. She also picked up on hell of a t-shirt paying homage to the band’s bad ass selves – see it on her Instagram here. So after spending far too much of my evening glued to Excel I downed tools and went shopping. Standard really and not even ‘Futures’ on repeat could stop me.

I’m not in the market of copy catting but certainly hoped to find something equally as ace but what I stumbled across was not at all what I wanted but it was bold. Very, very bold.

Australia’s Parkway Drive often surprise me with some corkers and their latest addition on Kings Road is no exception. The multi-hued hoodie covering a spectrum of blue from, azure to cyan, royal to navy gives a solid seal of approval that tie dye really is going no where whether we like it or not. Even as a self confessed fan of the neutrals, well black, white and grey, heck, who am I to argue!

Oh, and it has a shark pocket and full back print. Snappy, right?