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Paper + Plastick launch UK/EU Store

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Following in the steps of Topshelf, Run For Cover and a bunch of other mid sized labels from the US, Paper + Plastick have launched a dedicated UK/EU store.

The store features a range of items available on the US store, and is open for business now. More items are on the way soon, and there’s a few freebies in the store to find already. Check out a press release about the store below:

Hello Europe (not the band)!

We’re absolutely delighted to welcome you to the Paper + Plastick’s EU Store, moving our GNV home closer to our UK & EU based friends.

The store itself is run by Mark Bussey, who some of you may also know as the in-house publicist for the label, and based in Birmingham UK. If you want to collect or you’ve arranged to meet Mark at a show we strongly encourage you to use the “deliver by hand” option at the checkout so as to save on postage costs. Beer/coffee appreciated.

This is a new venture and we’re so excited about this opportunity. It’s all so fresh and we’re not yet certain how this will play out. What we can say for sure is that over the coming months you can expect the EU store to be fully stocked to match the USA store (and potentially grow beyond that). We hope to host an expansive own brand and third party record, clothing and toy distro. There will also be EU exclusive vinyl variants of some of your favourite P+P records. Of course, there will be skulls…

If you run your own UK/EU based distro, please get in touch to discuss our wholesale rates.

Keep your eyes peeled and thank you for joining us on this venture.

Vinnie Fiorello & Mark V. Bussey x