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Pack It In: Weathering The Storm

It’s June so of course we’re bundling up in hoodies and whacking on the heating. I mean, why wouldn’t you? As festival season gets well under way, whether Glastonbury, Hevy or Reading are your bag, all-weather prep couldn’t be more important.

First up in our June mini-series is the almighty pac-a-mac, aka Windbreaker to the Urban Dictionary generation. If breaking wind is your top priority get on the right side of these handy shower savers helping you stave off the shit weather and let the fun shine in.


From left: Suicidal Tendencies Windbreaker | Deftone’s Fold Up Windbreaker


From left: Glamour Kills CDR Tech Jacket | Hundreth’s Keys Windbreaker | PETA2 Feather Windbreaker

Get them quick before the rain sloshes down faster than you can say “GLASTONBURY” .