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One Awesome New Look!


Awesome Merchandise have been supplying merch, creative ideas and social media brilliance since 2005 where founder Luke began making badges to get himself through university. Ingenious really. So much so that a whopping order for 80k badges allowed him to quit uni and make more awesome stuff bringing us to today’s plethora of awesome goods.

Brief history aside, Awesome Merch is responsible for pushing the boundaries of custom merch & print for all kinds of people, no doubt thanks to in-house creation of great quality merch and lead times that won’t make you weep! Awesome.

Today they launched their brand new website and rebrand, of course it looks awesome and is super easy to navigate around their all-rounder taxonomy. With print, merch, apparel and display firmly under their belts, plus the addition of the ‘Ideas For’ section, it seems no stone has been left unturned as Awesome position themselves as way more than just another merch company.

So whether a band or record label, new business owner or planning your dream event, Ru Paul, Bowie or Shikari – Awesome have you covered.