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New Jimmy Eat World Merch & Bleed American LP Reissue!

bleed american

Yes, “Bleed American” is back and this time it’s on vinyl and I’m getting my paws on a copy. And quite likely one of those shirts too.

“Bleed American”, or “Jimmy Eat World” depending on who you talk to, is one of the greatest albums of this century mostly thanks to it’s unequivocal timelessness, in fact it’s aged a lot better than I have. I mean, did you catch The Gospel Youth’s recent cover of “The Middle”?

Vinyl copies proved a little tricky to track down with eye watering prices when you do finally find it, so it’s fucking great that it’s being re-released on December 4th 2015 on UMC. Pre-order now on

Add on the four other releases set for December – Static Prevails, Clarity, and Futures, plus the first vinyl pressing of Stay On My Side Tonight – are all up for pre-order right now.

Complimentary to this over on the band’s official Kings Road merch store is a threesome of newbie merch to ease the sadness of “Hear You Me” and “My Sundown”. So if your emo hearts are as happy/sad as ours, be encouraged by the fact that black and charcoal are ideal for subtly mopping your weeping eyes.

Likewise, the excitement of too much moshing to “The Middle” will be between you and the cotton…Enjoy the ride!

stacked tee

diamond hoodie

fair tee


*Updated 19.11.15 with other vinyl releases in 2015.