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My First Core Tex Records Haul In Berlin

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A birthday is as good as an excuse as any to up sticks in search of a party, and as I’d heard Berlin is more than capable of delivering good times, it seemed like a great idea to hop on a plane and get to the German capital.

As a happy accident, the hotel we ended up staying was across the road from one of the world’s best record stores. Based in Kreuzberg, Core Tex Records raises its graffiti laden shutter every morning to welcome people from all over the world.

When you walk in, the modest racks of vinyl and CDs greets visitors and behind it a wall of merch hints at a wonderland of merch. T-shirts, hoodies, windbreakers, beanies, caps, flags, baby gros and kids clobber cram out the back room, and the alphabetised selection was pretty daunting.

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Aside from the fountain of band shirts, Core Tex’s own designs blocked the sunshine from the windows and seasoned the mid-rail with their twists on classic artwork a la Bad Brains, Black Flag and Run DMC, plus a Crew Tee + Core Tex Beer combo for €17 a pop (yes, they have their own beer).


For my first foray, I picked up the Core Tex starter pack: 1 x Core Tex Beanie, 1 x Suicidal Tendencies Windbreaker, 1 x KRZBRG T-Shirt. This is only the beginning and I cannot wait for my next trip to this incredible city.

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If a trip to one of Europe’s greatest cities and the beating heart of Berlin Fucking Hardcore is your sort of pilgrimage but the two hour flight is a little too much effort, you can also shop online with Core Tex here.

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