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Milk Teeth Live To Ride

Those Sad Sackers Milk Teeth have gone and dropped a wicked new t-shirt in the Venn Records online store.

Inspired by Hell’s Angels/SAMCRO/Biker Grove the aptly named ‘Harley’ tee draws pretty much directly from the super famous and totally bad ass motorcycle monsters Harley Davidson. Long has the call of the open road, wind in our hair, cuts on our back drawn us in and now we can celebrate the same level of spontaneity and being bad-to-the-bone-but-with-a-heart-of-gold-cos-we’re-doing-it-for-the-family from the comfort of our local pub. Or venue. Or sofa.

Promote yourself from prospect status to full blown Pres with this sick tee. And remember…Live to ride. Ride to live.