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Miley’s Merch Is What’s Good!

Secret albums and showdowns with Nicky Minaj are all in a week’s work for pop maverick Miley Cyrus and with “Miley Cyrus & Her Dead Petz” dropping earlier this week we dug in and explored the top Miley merch on the internet.

The Happy Hippy and self-confessed celebrant of 420 continues her ode to the weird and wonderful with a fan fare of circus bright prints and sparkles louder than her music. Incidentally MC&HDP is just odd enough to be brilliant, hardly a surprise when The Flaming Lips and Ariel Pink have been enlisted to create this masterpiece. Not even kidding.

Check out our fave Miley merch items below from her official store plus VMA-related funnies from across the web. There are hundreds and thousands of reasons to love the first tee below – it is arguably the best most wearable after all – but that milky sublimation leaves the heart wanting for nothing especially when you slip on the matching socks. Photographic tees often leave a lot to be desired and come across a tad lame/reserved for the likes of pop princes and princesses so the irony that the former Disney princess has taken this road on 99% of her merch isn’t lost. In fact, it’s revered.

Fun and doesn’t take herself too seriously? That’s what we all love about her right? And that’s what we love about her brash collection.




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