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Los Campesinos! Satirical Tory T-Shirt Gets My Vote


Ever wondered what Conservative leader David Cameron kissing a dead pig would look like?

Ever wondered how that scenario would even come about?

Ever wish you could unsee something?

Political agenda is on the tip of everyone’s tongue right now including some of the UK’s best bands. Los Campesinos! new t-shirt design may not have all the answers but the illustration by Rob Taylor captioned with ‘Never Kiss A Tory’ may lead you somewhat on the path to discovery.

Pre-order the t-shirt now from Los Campesinos! online store here with the sound knowledge that not only can you help spread this thought provoking motif but most importantly that profits are divvied out between three ace charities – Child Poverty Action Group, Refugee Council and The Trussell Trust.

In the unlikely event that the band might not be your cup of tea but don’t worry because their name isn’t included on the shirt as explained on the store: “The design doesn’t include our band name so even if you hate us you can wear it and donate to good causes in the process.”

All three charities do hugely significant work in the UK so purchase safe in the knowledge that this is where your money will be spent:
Child Poverty Action Group
Working to end poverty among children, young people and families in the UK.

Refugee Council
Supporting refugees in the UK, ensuring they are treated fairly and with dignity, enabling them to find protection and help rebuild their lives.

The Trussell Trust
Providing emergency food to people in crisis through a network of UK foodbanks.