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Live Shot Charity Tees unveil 13th series, featuring Bane, Slapshot and Fury of Five


Live Short Charity Tees have announce details of their 13th series of charity aiding band merch, this time featuring Bane, Slapshot and Fury of Five.

Each shirt represents a different charity, and you can read the full details of which charities the band are supporting and why. All are available to preorder from Cold Cuts Merch at the following link until July 31st:

Friends of Boston’s Homeless supports innovative, solution-oriented programs that help homeless individuals move beyond shelter to lead independent lives in our community. One of the most effective solutions to homelessness is to help people gain independence through education, employment, life skills development, and permanent housing. This is especially true for the increasing number of younger homeless individuals. Many homeless individuals have cycled for years & some have experienced abusive family lives or relationships. Some have never known opportunity or stability and have experienced repeated failure.
SLAPSHOT would like to have all profits of our charity tee to benefit FOBH.
Friends of Boston’s Homeless
Photo by Todd Pollock
Design by Sean Mott

The Mya Lin Terry Foundation is a charitable non-profit organization created to honor the memory and continue the legacy of an amazing little girl, Ms. Mya Lin Terry, The Warrior Princess. Mya is our everlasting inspiration to enrich the lives of pediatric cancer patients’ experiences with hope, love and joy. The foundation’s goal is to create awareness, generate resources, identify causes, support new treatment options leading to cures, and eliminate national and critical drug shortages affecting pediatric cancer patients during treatments.

Fury of Five would like to have all profits from our charity tee benefit the Mya Lin Terry Foundation.

-Fury of Five

The Mya Lin Terry Foundation

Photo by Aga Hairesis
Design by Sean Mott

Autism Spectrum Disorder. 1 in 68 children are affected by this disorder and these numbers are rising every decade.
A spectrum; everyone is different. We feel it is important to raise awareness, but also raise acceptance just as we do in the hardcore/punk rock community with each of us being unique and “misfit”.
The May Institute is one of the largest and most well-respected providers of services and special education schools for children and adults with Autism and other special needs throughout America.

We have our own personal experiences that hit close to home with Autism, as we are sure many of you do as well. We are proud to work with both The May Institute and Live Shot Charity Tees to help contribute to this great cause.

The May Institute
Photo by Keith Baker
Design by Sean Mott