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Life Is Better In A Christmas Sweater

Christmas jumpers used to be the stuffing of nightmares, not the jovial ice breakers they’ve become in recent years with whole charitable days dedicated just to their public outings. Our favourite artists have long been on the bandwagon with knitted efforts peaking year on year with 2014 offering some stunners.

Love ’em or hate ’em, these divisive knits are showing no signs of missing Christmas for at least another year. Sure, most of them come with a less than lovely price tag and they’re totally faddy but we’ll leave our inner Grinch at the door for just enough time to pick out our festive favourites.

Maggots gather, marvel and pray you’ve been a good little larvae this year for EMP have the exclusive on Slipknot’s Christmas offering. At £55.99 let’s hope you have been extra grub-like. While Volbeat take the Nordic line and their gothic take on Fairisle includes skulls, angel wings and Santa hats. Hey, two out of three ain’t bad.

Next up is Drop Dead, not exactly the proprietors of Christmas cheer but they’ve brought out the big guns on their Cohen Jumper. Cohen? Yes, the first thing our minds jump to is Seth and Chrismukkah too. No shame.

December in Sydney isn’t known to be cold but Parkway Drive have lobbed the rule book and created a sweater with the face only a mother could love. Click through at your own risk, this one ain’t pretty but it is limited edition. But of course, holidays are coming in Primark. Spread joy, capitalism and Coca Cola now and forever for around £12. Bargz.

But the superior sweater by far has come from Descendents as coffee time meets Christmas time on Kinds Road. We need not say nay more, just look and marvel upon it’s brilliance.

So while the Christmas jumper has become a mainstream staple, loathed by many, loved by more, spread goodwill to all boys and girls this year by donning your best/worst knitted creations and join in Save The Childrens’ Christmas Jumper Day on 12th December.