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Last Chance Saloon For Heather Gabel’s Resurrected Shirts

She’s an artist who has worked with the likes of Alkaline Trio for the past fifteen years. She bases her design in the supernatural realms of non-reality, and thankfully for once has bowed to demand to release one last run of “doom and gloom” shirts.

Heather Gabel is quite possibly the most badass woman on the planet. Not only has she spent the last decade and a half being the brains and heart behind Alkaline Trio’s merch, she’s also worked with AFI, Rancid, My Chemical Romance, Green Day, Joan Jett & the Blackhearts. She has a love of bikes, baking and fancy aprons. However, in my humble opinion, the absolute best thing about her is that she gives no fucks and finds warmth in the darker views of life which is beautifully reflected in her art.

Thanks to incessant demand she has given in and last night announced on Instagram the resurrection of three old designs for one final run, all of which are available now in her online store.

Image from Instagram @heathergabel

Shop the three tees direct from Heather Gabel and check out the rest of her art collection and a certain tote bag you will all probably relate to.