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KIGH 2006 – 2014 Farewell Sale

Kids In Glass Houses waved a sad farewell earlier this year in possibly the most glamorous way conceivable and nothing short of a world wide tour seeing the band bid adieu to fans from Cardiff to New South Wales. Nice.

In the wake of this goodbye tour KIGH give you what you want in the shape of a final merch range, the remains of which have dropped in price in the band’s last sale. Right now you can join in the hurrah and pick up a t-shirt and get change from a tenner – £2 change to be exact. All tees online are down to £8.00, it’s worth noting this excludes the limited edition G.M.W.I.W Camo tee.

Discounts are running up to 50% on all items across the store so shop now, or forever hold your Peace.