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Join The Gospel Youth Community

A double video drop, new merch and a cool AF crowdfund project…The Gospel Youth have been pretty busy these last few weeks and today an eruption of announcements threatens to break the internet.


With a spurt of super exciting announcements today, the band explain it on their Facebook far more succintly than I ever could:

“All the best things come in twos. Hall & Oates, He-man & She-ra, ears. So, we figured, lets release not one, but two new songs with two new videos.

We’re also changing the way we do things as a band. Head to to get involved in what is going to be an incredibly interesting 2016.
Let’s get bitter.”

As well as the excitement around “Resolutions” and “DST” being released as a 7″ (/100 orange /200 black) through Syclla Records, three tiers of sustainably supporting the band are available to get in on. Starting from just £3 a month, tiers range up to £25 featuring a bunch of really cool shit like exclusive MP3s, personalised cover songs and monthly merchly presents from TGY to you.

The songs really are disgracefully good so take your sassy ass and head to to get the full low-down on everything they’re up to.