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I’m In The Sad Ghost Club

The internet isn’t short of cute ‘n kitsch clothing brands but every now and then one pops up with both style and substance to boot. The Sad Ghost Club is one of them.


Ever felt invisible, sad and/or lonely? You’re not alone! Everybody gets sad now and then, and that’s okay, but it’s always reassuring to know someone else has sat in your shoes and has got your back, and that’s where Sad Ghost Club come into their own. Aside from the cutesy aesthetic and cuter than Casper lead character, the club was founded and is run by two pals, Laura and Lize with the simple aim to help people talk about their feelings.

The Sad Ghost Club helps fund workshops and talks which support young people to understand and learn about their mental health. On top of this the Club works with mental health charities and are working towards collaborations with artists to send a bigger message of mental health awareness. With a starting block of soft baseball tees, snuggly jumpers, bobbly beanies and prints to perfectly sum up how we all feel sometimes, it’s hard to say no to this level of retail therapy.

Naturally their ethos is perfectly summed up by the pair at the helm:

“The Sad Ghost Club is a club for anyone who’s ever felt sad or lost. It’s the club for those who don’t feel like they’re part of any other club. It’s run by just the two of us, Laura & Lize, and we love creating comics & zines to highlight the issues that a lot of ghosties go through.”

On board with trying to make people happier/less sad/less lonely? Samesies! So go check out our fave TSGC products in the Market. (*Spoiler: there are three below!)