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Valentines Gifts For You & Your Favourite Person That Won’t Make You Cringe

The cringiest time of year is nigh. And it’s coming thick and fast…

We all know the drill: it’s Valentine’s Day and that means buying someone you love something meaningful to show how much you love them. OR celebrating singledom with your pals in a pub. Either way, predictable gifts be gone! Allow us to guide you through the minefield and pick out something for yourself, a pal, or significant other that isn’t totally crap.

For the homebody
Telegramme Paper Co. have you covered with these cute ‘n kitsch prints.

tj prints

For the one who needs a hug (in a mug)
Take a hand from Sad Mug Co. and show your cup of Joe exactly how you feel. (Hint: until February 5th get two mugs for £15!)


For the one you most want to elope with
Baron Von Fancy takes the immortal words of Carly Rae Jepsen and plasters them on some snazzy Vans.


For the best one in the world
New Found Glory are great and so are you.

nfg tee

For the one with the force
Let’s face it, these are the best pair from “The Force Awakens”.

For the one who hates Valentines
Because love stinks.

ryan adams

For the one who’s dead sentimental
Pen a sonnet. Write a love note. Scribe a break up. Whatever you do, do it with Stay Home Club and wine.


For your homeslice
Rad Patch Co. take a pizza your heart with their sugary sweet creations. (PSSST! They’ve got some sickly new shit dropping on February 5th!)

pizza pin

For the one who says anything
They/you love horror. And brat pack classics. And The Menzingers.


For the one with the hella good hair
Forget the liars and the dirty dirty cheats of the world. Seriously, forget those awful pricks. We love you, and so does Taylor.
taylor sweater