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Get Real!

Wow, what a great day! My favourite Illinois saddoes are perking up all over the place with the pleasing news of a bunch of brand new merch. For once, I have found myself overcoming my disdain for tie dye and getting pretty geed up over their use of Helvetica and birds.

Six new designs tot up to make the new range holding something for everyone: the bold, the graphic and the “suns out guns out” are all catered for. Classically, my top two are black and not particularly summery on any level (if it ain’t black, put it back!), admittedly one is tie dye but I’m not even sorry.

The sweet bird looks peaceful in their delivery of such a foreboding postcard, clutched carefully between the talons, speaks to me on some level – maybe it’s just Friday getting the better of me. Anyway, check out the aves motif and typographed slogan. Apparently the sizes run a little small, so go up one or put down the burrito. The choice is yours and burritos are awesome!



Orders today, it’ll ship tomorrow.