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Fukuboxes Get The Punk Treatment

Fukubukuro are Japanese mystery boxes of random treats traditionally shared on New Years Eve, visit pretty much any toy shop, electronics retailer and high end store to experience each brand’s take on the phenomenon. The lucky dip concept in general is nothing new having been tried and tested in different capacities across the alt-landscape for a little while. Blink 182, Glamour Kills, and more have all dabbled however no one seems to do it quite like The Fukubox Co.

There certainly is fortune in the leftovers with the bands and brands The Fukubox Co. have teamed up with, of late this includes Blink 182, Pixies, HMNIM, NOFX, Famous Stars And Straps…we could go on. It’s never certain what will be packed into each Fukubox but that’s right there is the charm. The element of surprise. The spontaneity of the whole experience has a genuine serendipity to it, plus they’re super reasonable.

For $28.90 three garments and two trinkets are guaranteed per box, but some will get extras thanks to the handiwork of the Fukubox robots making each and every box to order.

These aren’t run of the mill random merch boxes, or simply a stock clearing exercise, The Fukubox Co. capture the heart of Tokyo boxed up with the world’s favourite punk bands. So if merch shopping with a heady twist is what your after, give this a whirl.