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Don’t Wait For 2016 – Get Attack On Titan Merch Right Now!

The world awaits Attack On Titan but never for the fibres of merchandise, behold the mightiest AOT garb this side of Wōru Maria.

In the realms of comic-cum-movies, Attack On Titan looks to shower shame on its box office competitors in 2016. The dark manga series is currently airing on Netflix UK and has been spun into silver screen gold in the live action movie set for cinema release next year in Japan.

Following that performance we fell slightly short of booking the next flight out to Tokyo instead taking the more constructive approach and compiled these must-haves certain to lead us to the Survey Corps ranked right next to Eren and Mikasa. The world is cruel, and exceptionally beautiful.

All our favourites are in the their own Wōru Sina in the market, and check out the top five below!