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Cheer Up London!


Considering at the beginning of their rise they were unfairly pegged as Royal Blood copy cats, Slaves are basically taking the world by storm with their spunky and shouty punkness and embrace a whole different genre. Basically, Slaves are set up for something big. In line with their global domination they’ve launched a brand new merch store chokkablok with some pretty fucking fresh threads.

The new outlet launched yesterday and not only is it boasting some sick new tees but also zip-or-pullover hoodie options for a very respectable £25.00. It’s zippies all the way for me and I’m so over the current love affair bands are having with over-head hoodies, so Slaves are talking my language with the Logo Hoodie

I’ve added my top three faves to the Market, have a browse!

Say it with me now: “WHERE’S YOUR CAR DEBBIE?”