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United By Fate’s Classic Debut Collection Rocks

Brand new menswear label United By Fate have launched their debut collection. The beautifully crafted lookbook and video soundtracked Dirty Leaves is awesome, and within seconds of the video playing the whole vibe of UBF is crystal clear.

The 21 piece collection itself is built on 100% organic cotton t-shirts and crews, where elements of classic menswear are mixed with touches of vintage skate, surf and workwear inspired by British spirit and polynesian mythology.

The hand made limited edition leather belts are crafted in Pembrokeshire, embossed with the “Bright Eyed and Fearless” mantra, and available either box or parallel stitched. There is a limited run of 10 of each style, so at £45 for a hand worked wardrobe staple, they are a steal.

Our top picks from the range:
Mimir T-Shirt, Black, £27
Lake Natron, White, £27
Citadel Crew Sweatshirt, Navy, £50
Box Stitch leather Belt, Brown, £45
Bright Eyed And Fearless T-Shirt, White, £27

Love what you see? Browse, view and shop the full United By Fate story here. Prices start at £22.

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Hanson Launch ‘MMMHops’

Hanson have finally come of age – as a musical trio anyway – and in celebration the brothers have released their very own pale ale, enchantingly entitled ‘MMM Hops’.

The Tulsa natives will be donating all proceeds from the sale of MMMHops related merchandise to the Red Cross to help with the Oklahoma tornado recovery efforts. Head to for beer glasses and spillage proof t-shirts….turn your back and they’ll be gone, so hurry!

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Natives’ ‘Stand For Something’ Bundle Back In Stock

Pop Rockers Natives have restocked their sell out, ‘Stand For Something’ USB stick Bundles for the final time. Once this lot has gone, they’re gone for good, so if you’re still interested in a USB stick full of exclusive content and the band’s ‘Stand For Something’ EP with a wristband and t-shirt to boot, then get involved now.

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SXSW ‘Makes Your Summer Cooler’

Whether you love it, hate it or just plain missed out on it in 2013, you can now get your hands on SXSW merchandise now direct from

The 2013 Wolf T-shirt features a neon Native American motif and, let’s face it, looks pretty fucking cool. As for us, maybe 2014 is our year to finally make it out to Texas…

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Polar Bear Club Drop New Lines on Kings Road

If you missed out on catching Polar Bear Club’s UK/EU tour this last month, fear not! The NY punks have dropped a trio of treats into their official merchandise store over at Kings Road.

The collection features floral skulls & feathered hands print, on a black and heather grey jersey. Sadly, these are currently only available in the US, but fingers are firmly crossed that they will be across the pond in no time at all. Can’t wait that long? Suck up the respectable $11.00 and brave first class international shipping.

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Paramore Release Still Into You Collection

After the release of their new single ‘Still Into You’, Paramore have introduced a range of apparel and accessories to their online store.

The collection features two “kiss” print t-shirts, skeleton pillowcases and (our personal favourite) an Etched Lyric Hoodie. The range starts from £14.99, and is available now.