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Shut Up And Take Our Money: Pokémon Pins


After years retreating back to the hardcore fans after its late 90s Game Boy heyday, summer 2016 belongs to Pokémon. Pokémon Go has taken the world by storm (it is the largest mobile game EVER in the US within weeks), and both both Nintendo and the Pokémon company look set to have a bumper 2016 due to the huge global success of the AR game (that hasn’t launched in the UK officially yet).

We’re big Pokémon fans here at Merch Mouth, and there’s little doubt that Pokémon have been masters of merchandising since day one. Starting out life as an RPG, Pokémon soon took over the world with trading cards, a TV show and movies, and anything you could think to merchandise has probably been done (twice). It seems only appropriate that the resurgence of pins has led to what can only be described as “the motherload” of awesome Pokémon pins being made up. Be prepared to drain your wallets on our top 5 from the official store (if you live in the US, that is).

Gyarados and Magikarp

Starter Pokémon 4 pack

Jolteon and Flareon

Pichu and Togepi

Dragon pack

Gotta browse ’em all

Now… where on earth is the UK store?

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Deftones launch autumn/fall range


Deftones are pretty fucking brilliant at merch, and this autumn/fall they’ve gone for a whole new range to keep you warm / looking great long into 2016.

As with most of the Deftones merch, you’re gonna have to suck up some postage charges if you live in Europe, but it’s 100% worth it to get some of the wonderful bits and pieces below. Oosh.

Head over to their Merch Direct store to shop now

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Paper + Plastick launch UK/EU Store

Screen Shot 2015-08-03 at 16.33.23

Following in the steps of Topshelf, Run For Cover and a bunch of other mid sized labels from the US, Paper + Plastick have launched a dedicated UK/EU store.

The store features a range of items available on the US store, and is open for business now. More items are on the way soon, and there’s a few freebies in the store to find already. Check out a press release about the store below:

Hello Europe (not the band)!

We’re absolutely delighted to welcome you to the Paper + Plastick’s EU Store, moving our GNV home closer to our UK & EU based friends.

The store itself is run by Mark Bussey, who some of you may also know as the in-house publicist for the label, and based in Birmingham UK. If you want to collect or you’ve arranged to meet Mark at a show we strongly encourage you to use the “deliver by hand” option at the checkout so as to save on postage costs. Beer/coffee appreciated.

This is a new venture and we’re so excited about this opportunity. It’s all so fresh and we’re not yet certain how this will play out. What we can say for sure is that over the coming months you can expect the EU store to be fully stocked to match the USA store (and potentially grow beyond that). We hope to host an expansive own brand and third party record, clothing and toy distro. There will also be EU exclusive vinyl variants of some of your favourite P+P records. Of course, there will be skulls…

If you run your own UK/EU based distro, please get in touch to discuss our wholesale rates.

Keep your eyes peeled and thank you for joining us on this venture.

Vinnie Fiorello & Mark V. Bussey x

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Live Shot Charity Tees unveil 13th series, featuring Bane, Slapshot and Fury of Five


Live Short Charity Tees have announce details of their 13th series of charity aiding band merch, this time featuring Bane, Slapshot and Fury of Five.

Each shirt represents a different charity, and you can read the full details of which charities the band are supporting and why. All are available to preorder from Cold Cuts Merch at the following link until July 31st:

Friends of Boston’s Homeless supports innovative, solution-oriented programs that help homeless individuals move beyond shelter to lead independent lives in our community. One of the most effective solutions to homelessness is to help people gain independence through education, employment, life skills development, and permanent housing. This is especially true for the increasing number of younger homeless individuals. Many homeless individuals have cycled for years & some have experienced abusive family lives or relationships. Some have never known opportunity or stability and have experienced repeated failure.
SLAPSHOT would like to have all profits of our charity tee to benefit FOBH.
Friends of Boston’s Homeless
Photo by Todd Pollock
Design by Sean Mott

The Mya Lin Terry Foundation is a charitable non-profit organization created to honor the memory and continue the legacy of an amazing little girl, Ms. Mya Lin Terry, The Warrior Princess. Mya is our everlasting inspiration to enrich the lives of pediatric cancer patients’ experiences with hope, love and joy. The foundation’s goal is to create awareness, generate resources, identify causes, support new treatment options leading to cures, and eliminate national and critical drug shortages affecting pediatric cancer patients during treatments.

Fury of Five would like to have all profits from our charity tee benefit the Mya Lin Terry Foundation.

-Fury of Five

The Mya Lin Terry Foundation

Photo by Aga Hairesis
Design by Sean Mott

Autism Spectrum Disorder. 1 in 68 children are affected by this disorder and these numbers are rising every decade.
A spectrum; everyone is different. We feel it is important to raise awareness, but also raise acceptance just as we do in the hardcore/punk rock community with each of us being unique and “misfit”.
The May Institute is one of the largest and most well-respected providers of services and special education schools for children and adults with Autism and other special needs throughout America.

We have our own personal experiences that hit close to home with Autism, as we are sure many of you do as well. We are proud to work with both The May Institute and Live Shot Charity Tees to help contribute to this great cause.

The May Institute
Photo by Keith Baker
Design by Sean Mott

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The Dillinger Escape Plan release incredible time limited unicorn vest in solidarity with marriage equality


After posting support for Supreme Court endorsed marriage equality in the USA, the Dillinger Escape Plan found that some fans posting on their page weren’t quite on the team the band would have hoped they were on.

Rather than respond angrily, the band decided to release the “gayest shirt of all time” in solidarity, and the bright as hell tie-dye vest features, a “Pegasus, with a cock for a horn, ejaculating a giant rainbow”, which is basically brilliant. It’s only available until 9am PT / 5pm UK time today. Fifty percent of proceeds go to The Trevor Project.

Get it now from

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The Wonder Years return with ‘No Closer To Heaven’

unnamed (1)

It’s no massive secret that we LOVE The Wonder Years, and it’s that time again where the band come back with a new record. They posted ‘Cardinals’ from the release online overnight.

What’s even better is that the LP and the new shirt designs look awesome, and the bundles available from Silver Bullet Merch look rad. Click the image below to shop for the deluxe edition!


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Vans x Murakami = Shut up and take our money

Screen Shot 2015-06-26 at 13.07.07

Sometimes Vans just crack on and outdo themselves with collaborations, and this new one with Takashi Murakami has resulted in some of the prettiest Vans we’ve ever seen.

Don’t take our word for it though. Check out the video ad for the range, and check it out in closer detail at the Vans website. You can see a list of stores that will stock the collection (US only listed in there at the moment), and they’ll be hitting shelves next week.

Screen Shot 2015-06-26 at 13.08.18

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Refused are fucking alive! (Also their new merch rules)


Some thought it’d never happen. Some think it should have never happened, but Refused’s reunion a few years ago was massively successful, and they’ve clearly enjoyed it enough to keep it going with a new album.

There’s a new song streaming now, which you can check out below:

We had a dig for some preorder packages, and sure enough we found some gems in their preorder options. Check out our favourites over in the marketplace!

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There’s A New Funeral For A Friend Online Shop!

Welsh HXC generals, Funeral For A Friend have launched their brand new online store today and there is a bucket load of new shirts, tees and hoodies for you to fawn over.

Don’t avert your eyes from the store for too long as over the next few weeks FFAF have teased that rarities will be posted in store, including the first of these instalments: the ‘Casually Dressed Live At Shepherd’s Bush Empire’ DVD. The DVD is exclusive to the band’s official webstore and there are only a limited number available.

This might be one of the simplest one page stores we’ve ever used. Everything you need is at your fingertips and the quick buy buttons make it super quick and easy to load up your basket.

Shop the collection now from the band’s store powered by Music Glue. Merch starts at just £5.00.