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Paramore Are Back!

Yas! After 4 years in the wilderness it finally happened! Hayley and co are back with a tropical killah of a new single in Hard Times and news of a brand new album.

After Laughter will be the band’s fifth studio album, set for release on May 12th with a heap of merch bundles on offer. Head here to see the full deck and someone, please, GIMME THAT PIN!


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Hey, Holy Roar! Does Barry Manilow know you raid his wardrobe?

Why don’t you take Allison to one of your heavy metal vomit parties?

Because she could probably handle them better than any of us and no one wants to be shown up.

Holy Roar’s new merch is so super kewl and harks back to a couple of cult movie faves here at MM Towers; both Ghost World and Breakfast Club played a seminal role in our coming of age way back when. Naturally we’re thrilled this freakishly great label has taken the time to re-immortalise these characters in cotton and ink.

Shop the new range here immediately.



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Welcome to the new Merch Mouth


Surprise! Merch Mouth has been getting a facelift behind the scenes and today we’re relaunching with the new look and excellent new features.

Our new Market section will be your essential catalogue of new merch, with a world of merch at your fingertips as well as exclusive discounts and plenty of extras we can’t tell you about just yet.

What you’re reading is the Merch Mouth Journal, which you’ll recognise from before but will have more features then ever as well as the usual updates from the world of merch. You can also check out our Black Book, where we’ve listed our favourite stores, record labels and apparel brands.

If you’ve got any feedback on the new site or want to talk about something you’re working on, please drop me an email.


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Menzingers post up ‘Valentines Day The 13th Bundle’ with shirts and mugs

In more slightly horrifying Valentines news, The Menzingers have posted up a mug and shirt bundle for this weekend only. You can get hold of a shirt and mug for only $22 dollars (USA store only) right now, so grab yourself a freaky Friday bargain!

If you haven’t checked out ‘Rented World’, the latest full length from The Menzingers, then you should probably sort that out as it’s excellent – the band recently put out a video for ‘Where Your Heartache Exists’ from the release. Check it out below:

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Creeper encourage you to Drink The Blood Of Poser Scum this Friday 13th

Creeper – new kids on the block and goth punk afficionados – have used their platform to encourage you to get involved in some cannibalism this Friday 13. Their Drink The Blood Of Poser Scum shirts are on a limited run to get you in the mood, and are available now from the band’s Bandcamp.

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Because dogs need merch too

Is your dog sad? Does it sit around, moping because it looks like an absolute fool? Well, our resident dog psychiatrist Tom thinks that it’s probably because it listens to the same bands you do but hasn’t got any decent merch options. This has all changed with a collection of dog clothes from Merch Doggies. It’s a spin off from ‘Merch Babies’, who already do a stack of merch for (you guessed it) babies.

We’ve picked out a top five above – kudos Every Time I Die, Dillinger Escape Plan, Comeback Kid and Architects for being great. Items from the likes of Balance and Composure, Beartooth and For Today also impressed though.

We do have to feel that they’ve missed an important opportunity here as there’s not really many “dog” related puns going on, so here’s hoping Wolfmother, Fleet Foxes and Chelsea Wolfe get involved later.

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Collectible Glastonbury 2013 Posters Back In Stock

The ever popular Glastonbury Free Press posters are back in stock. Pick up one of the 2013 festival prints for just £10.00, including P+P, here.

Beware the Long Drop and Only Rock n Roll designs were printed on the Festival’s vintage Heidelberg print press at a Glastonbury Free Press meet-up at Worthy Farm on 27 October 2013. These are a limited reprint of a designs which were originally printed on the press at Glastonbury 2013 and has gone on to become a collectors’ item.

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Honour Over Glory Get Their Tartan

Honour Over Glory have had their AW13 lookbooks out for a little while now and if you’ve not browsed the new range yet then you’d best get a move on. Packed with a veritable plethora of plaid, bevvies of beanies in every hue and traditional toasty knits, this collection seriously hulks Honour Over Glory up a notch.

Still, you’ll find the motivational mottos branded across the heavy cotton jersey garms but there is a definite maturity about AW13 that we can really embrace. That doesn’t equate to Honour Over Glory losing sight of who they are, instead they ladel on the positivity that can so often be lost on route to adulthood.

A staple of the punk uniform (yes, we realise and almost love the irony of this), what’s really got us going is the tartan trio: warm woven leggings, knitted scarf and iPhone 4 & 5 cases have you covered from head to toe in Burberry’s favourite pattern with a skate style edge. Each row and column of colour isn’t perfectly aligned as with the fashion week behemoths signature pattern, but all this does is lend a punk charm to this real-human-person lifestyle brand. A brand that inspires, not excludes.

The plaid pieces start from just £15.00, so check them out (sorry!) and the full collection of AW13 delights for every boy and girl.

Never lose, shop the collection now.

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Pariso Online Updated & Movember 7″

Heading out to see Pariso on tour soon? They’re playing a few shows later this month with We Learned To Live and Svarlbard, so go check them out!

In the meantime, stock up on Pariso goodies from their freshly updated online store. While you’re at it, they’ve got a special Movember charity 7″ release up for grabs. Get full details on how you can win here.