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Christmas Jumper Hot List

Christmas jumpers are still a thing. Who knew the humble Fairisle would inspire so many in such a way for so long? Well, they have so here’s the best festive knits the internet has to offer. From punk rock and political leanings to pop culture and Pokemon this list has you covered.


Alkaline Trio Hearts & Snowflakes Sweater

pokemon christmas jumper

Pokémon Pikachu Christmas Jumper


ACDC Festive Knit


Blink 182 Crappy Holidays Sweater 2016

stranger things

Stranger Things Eleven Days Of Christmas Sweater


Carly Sleigh Jepsen


All I Want For Christmas Is EU

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10 Great Bands With Great Merch Not To Miss At Reading & Leeds This Weekend

We’re all going to Reading this weekend and that’s just great. We’ve scoured the pits of the Lock Up Stage to drum up some cracking bands with great merch. Click the pics to go shopping.

(PSSSST Sign up to their newsletter for 15% off!)
Imagine the irresistible feeling of wearing this pin set on these red sweat pants. Dreamy.



THE 1975
Keeping the rays off your bonce since last week when these caps launched online.

1975 cap1975-Merch15222




Look your best for the Australian heroes of hardcore.



If they’re good enough for Hayley Williams, they’re sure as hell good enough for us. Jokes, we totally saw Chvrches first.



Grab one of these in at least one size up to master that “just rolled out of tent look”.

ArticleSharedImage-63658 (1)









Trash boat sweater

trash boat tee

Play Deadbolt.



New cubs on the block and a sure fire hit, dress to impress.


See them (and probably us) at the Jagehaus! Shots for all*!

kenneths patch

kenneths tee

See you in the pit!

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The Strangest Things Inspired By Stranger Things


Okay, so they’re not THAT strange but they are as cool and perfectly crafted as the latest Netflix show you can’t avoid. And why would you want to? Did we mention Stranger Things is perfect?

Of course, Etsy is stacked with products inspired by the show in some of the most imaginative ways. Here are a handful of bone crushingly good goodies definitely* endorsed by Eleven & Co.

av club

hawkins power and light

upside down castle byers print


* we reckon, anyway.

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Mental Health Awareness Week


Amidst a calendar full of “awareness day/weeks/months”, Mental Health Awareness Week is one of the closest to people’s heads and hearts.

Instead of sharing my personal experiences (this isn’t the platform for me), I wanted to share three amazing groups doing great work in the mental health sphere. They are well deserving of some love for all the brilliant and tireless work they do. Shout out Sad Ghost Club, Don’t Fret Club and Heads Above The Waves – you’re amazing!

Whether personal to you, or you know someone going through a tough time, check out these three spots for a little inspiration.

The Sad Ghost Club
Working with mental health charities and collaborating with a plethora of artists to send a bigger message of mental health awareness, Sad Ghost Club also run workshops, craft days and talks specifically focused on mental health and emotional well-being

To fund this, Sad Ghost Club have a cute range spanning apparel and accessories, perfect for Sad Ghosties and introverts alike.

Don’t Fret Club

A fairly brand new podcast, Don’t Fret Club’s aim is to “raise awareness of mental health in young people, harnessing the music community to help host an empowering conversation around depression, anxiety and conduct disorders.” Hosted by music journalist and editor Jessica Bridgeman, enrolling to the podcast is totally free and features tips and stories from across the music community.


Heads Above The Waves
This South Wales non-profit organisation is working hard to tackle depression and self-harm in young people. HATW is rooted in the music community and have the support of the likes of Gnarwolves, Real Friends and Don Broco.

There is a merch store and HATW collaborate with a tonne of artists, designers and illustrators in the creation of all the merch in their store. Purchasing a piece of their merch directly supports the work they do.
hatw sweater

Want more info on Mental Health Awareness Week? Head to

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Pin Jong Ill: The greatest pin store on the internet right now?


2016 is swiftly turning into a “vintage” year for the resurgent enamel pin. Here in the UK, bands like Creeper and labels like Venn Records and have helped make the pin a must-have on the merch table, but in the US, Pin Jong Ill has taken the pin to heights previously unseen.

Right now they’re stocking what can only be described as an incredible Prince pin, and the Deez Nuts starter pack is something lse. Other highlights include a Bombay Sapphire gin pin (now sold out), and though the store is fresh on the ‘net, there’s plenty of reasons to keep an eye on it.

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Road To Groezrock: 25 Years Of Punk

Can anyone else believe that Groezrock is TWENTY FIVE YEARS OLD? Us neither, but there’s nothing we enjoy more than a trip to Belgium for a punk festival, so we jumped on the Eurostar to spend the weekend celebrating this momentous occasion with them.

We’ve been to Groezrock a bunch of different ways, and it has to be said that taking the Eurostar if you live in London is probably the least stressful way to do it. It also means no one has to be a designated driver, so the beers were out the second our 8 strong group took our seats (let’s not talk about what time it was). Needless to say, we were in high spirits by the time we reached Brussels, and by the time we reached where we were staying, we were in full holiday mode. Oostappen Vakantiepark is a holiday park that’s about 20 minutes in a taxi from the festival site – we’ve done camping and stayed in similar places before, and it’s all down to what you want to get out of the festival really.


This year’s Groezrock didn’t land on a national holiday as per usual, so proceedings kicked off a little later on the Friday, but this meant a leisurely morning of improvised coffee and nearby, fairly terrible trombone playing before we headed to the site to sink our teeth into the amazing line up ahead.

Before we knew, wristbands were attached, The Aggrolites were on and Just Like Your Mom’s delicious vegan burgers were being swallowed whole. As a long time veggie and very new vegan it was love at first bite, and we worked our way through the menu across the weekend (to the delight of our tastebuds).


The later afternoon involved Four Year Strong, Less Than Jake and Frank Turner & The Sleeping Souls all being brilliant before we took a well earned break to check out the first of two merch markets.

Fairtrade, eco-friendly, and generally good-for-everyone was definitely a theme of the festival extending from the bands to the markets to food vendors, and plenty of the traders represented more than just a t-shirt. Animal Rights, PETA2, Sea Shepherd and Hardcore Help Foundation were all in attendance to shine a spotlight on their important causes.



The weather attempted to be an issue but thankfully Germany’s Homesick Merch had me covered in their signature black beanie keeping me snug for the walk to the Band Merch Market on the other side of the site.

Selling everything from lighters and patch packs to t-shirts, windbreakers and joggers (ahem, Hatebreed) from across the line up. In between the wears of Rancid, Frank Turner and of course the official Groezrock merch, one Four Year Strong shirt caught my eye thanks in no small part to the white type on black jersey which apparently I just can’t get enough of at the moment.



A beer or two later, Hatebreed got their mitts on us in a truly beautiful manner, warming us up perfectly for the main event in one big lovely mosh. Naturally, Rancid’s performance of “And Out Come The Wolves…” in full was Friday’s tour de force, especially with a few b-sides chucked in for good measure. The rest of the evening got a little out of hand (as is tradition), but Groezrock really felt like home after we missed last year, and even the chilly weather didn’t put us off.

Surprisingly, Saturday morning came and went in a blur, and in good time we were back on site raring to go. Our first band of the day was the excellent Bad Cop / Bad Cop tearing up the Watch Out Stage, and they were easily one of the top bands of the weekend for us.

Taking a short respite between The Movielife and Mad Caddies on the Monster Energy Stage, we revisited the two markets, the larger of which extended outside of the big top into a sort of shopping cul de sac. Inside the tent vendors such as Fat Wreck Chords, Call It Home, Holy Roar, and Death Shred tempted us to the exact point of SHUTUPANDTAKEOURMONEY. Whatever they did, it worked and we came away with treasures from Mysticum Luna and one very wicked Madball cap.

Paying a visit to Bite Back proved positive and after a motivational natter with them, picked up the “Vegan Cupcakes Take Over The World” cookbook. We fully vouch for the peanut butter cupcakes I baked on our return to London.


After this, we got a dose of the UK’s own Moose Blood, who looked right at home closing the Watch Out Stage for the weekend. The likes of “Honey” and “Bukowski” trickled out to enthusiastic ears. Seeing PUP and Moose Blood’s brands of punk and emo led us to Saturday’s main event – Sum 41.




The Canadian pop punk heroes dug out the greats from their effervescent back catalogue running in most part from “All Killer No Filler”, “Half Hour Of Power” and “Does This Look Infected?”. No complaints here. Sum 41 played a rip roarer, quite perfectly closing the 2016 weekender and 25th anniversary of Groezrock. ‘In Too Deep’ into ‘Fat Lip’ leading into the encore was something else, and it’s great to see the band back commanding the big stages with ease.


Groezrock 2016 was a blur of Jupiler, punk, great merch and friends, and we cannot wait for 2017 as it’s right up there with the best festivals in the world.


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ABCD’s The Little Rock Way

Every now and then something ace pops up and as a proud Aunty to three wicked niblings, I am really bloody enamoured with Little Rock Store. So, sorry Harry, Charlie and Lilly – no more Skylanders for you, you’re gonna be little rock superstars.

Based in The Netherlands, Little Rock Store are one of the primo purveyors of kids and baby merch. Whether you’ve created a Angel or a Voodoo Child, with this vast selection of tees, baby grows and rock n roll lullabies, sleepless nights caused by passé threads will be a thing of the past.

Just to up the cute ante, LRS have dropped a bunch of uber cute Duo Rocksets. This collection has been created especially for cool rock Mums and Dad and their equally painfully cool sprogs, including unisex and women’s fit tees paired up with kids shirts and babygrows featuring iconic and official designs. Seeing as these are such perfect gift fodder for yourself or a pal, may goodie bags forever be revolutionised!





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Sports Direct Strike Again

Last years jaws were floored by Sports Direct’s seemingly random catalogue of official band merch covering the breadths of rock n roll from pop punk to heavy metal. Well, we’re diving back in!

There’s a bunch of tees and hoodies on sale right now, and this is our top ten of what’s on offer from the sports bargain behemoths.


Pvris Baseball Tee – £19.99









Bring Me The Horizon Tee – £9.99
mcr leggings








My Chemical Romance Spider Leggings – £19.99








Misfits Hoodie – £31.99









No Masters Baseball Tee – £8.00

tonight alive








Tonight Alive T-Shirt – £9.99









Stiff Little Fingers T-Shirt – £9.99









A Day To Remember Hoodie – £31.99










Nirvana Servants Baseball Tee – £19.99

blur tee








Blur Tee – £9.99

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Valentines Gifts For You & Your Favourite Person That Won’t Make You Cringe

The cringiest time of year is nigh. And it’s coming thick and fast…

We all know the drill: it’s Valentine’s Day and that means buying someone you love something meaningful to show how much you love them. OR celebrating singledom with your pals in a pub. Either way, predictable gifts be gone! Allow us to guide you through the minefield and pick out something for yourself, a pal, or significant other that isn’t totally crap.

For the homebody
Telegramme Paper Co. have you covered with these cute ‘n kitsch prints.

tj prints

For the one who needs a hug (in a mug)
Take a hand from Sad Mug Co. and show your cup of Joe exactly how you feel. (Hint: until February 5th get two mugs for £15!)


For the one you most want to elope with
Baron Von Fancy takes the immortal words of Carly Rae Jepsen and plasters them on some snazzy Vans.


For the best one in the world
New Found Glory are great and so are you.

nfg tee

For the one with the force
Let’s face it, these are the best pair from “The Force Awakens”.

For the one who hates Valentines
Because love stinks.

ryan adams

For the one who’s dead sentimental
Pen a sonnet. Write a love note. Scribe a break up. Whatever you do, do it with Stay Home Club and wine.


For your homeslice
Rad Patch Co. take a pizza your heart with their sugary sweet creations. (PSSST! They’ve got some sickly new shit dropping on February 5th!)

pizza pin

For the one who says anything
They/you love horror. And brat pack classics. And The Menzingers.


For the one with the hella good hair
Forget the liars and the dirty dirty cheats of the world. Seriously, forget those awful pricks. We love you, and so does Taylor.
taylor sweater