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Bully. Eat. Party. Repeat.


We always had an inkling that the Nashville grungers loved to party and now there is solid gold evidence.

Bully launched their merch store earlier this month with two Champers worthy tees: Parking Lot and Party Animal. Featuring 99 cent store versions of Disney darlings, the truly Next Level tee is of course the Party Animal. Printed on Next Level 6010 Tri Blend Shirts, beer and bubbles play the balancing act in marigold ink on heather black unisex t-shirt it quite perfectly sums up summer life goals and highlights the very real struggle of choosing between two boozy favourites. Apparently MM and Bully are on the same level.



Having picked up the Parking Lot shirt at their Lexington gig a month or so back, Next Level blanks come highly recommended as potential game changers in the t-shirt blank department due to comfort and durability. Anyway, check out the shirts below and click the pics to go shopping!