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Behind The Screens: Zack Merrick is Amerrickan

One quarter of All Time Low, Zack Merrick turns his creative hand towards fashion with his Amerrickan fashion line. Originality, fun and a fusion of what makes Zack tick are key to every limited edition line crafted by the talent and he invited us behind the screens to learn all about the history, the future and what merch is lurking in his drawers.

Firstly, for those who might not be familiar – what’s the story behind Amerrickan?
It is a play on words of my last name. The owner of Killbrand Jonny was a fan of my photograpy and wanted to feature it on the website and the response was great so we decided to work together and turn it into a clothing line

What 3 items of clothing can you not live without and why are they so significant to you?
Gym shoes, tank top, and a hat. I workout everyday its part of my lifestyle.

Are there any avenues outside of music which you look to to design?
I look at more or places and experiences when i think of things like that. things that I have experienced and grown to like I put into my designs rather than just trying to put something on a shirt to make profit. Things that relate to me the things i like the people i have met and the experiences i have had.

There is a historic fusion between fashion and music, how do you perceive that bond and how do you put your stamp on it, setting yourself apart from the competition?
Music fashion and art are an expression of what is going on in society. It is always on the cusp and helping push things forward into new creative outlets. So naturally they work well together. They are all used to express onesself. Which is what I do in my clothing line. I keep things true to my experiences and use my line as an expression of my life and my music which sets itself apart.

What bands (new or old) do you think have had the most memorable or interesting approaches to merchandise and what are the favourite shirts that you’ve got in your arsenal at home?
Iron Maiden had a killer merch thing going on. You used to see that bands from the 80s would wear shirts with their own faces on it and now that it getting cool again. Iron maiden, metallica, all those old metal bands had awesome merch. Branching out bands that do good merch Oli Sykes, Tony from Key Street. Everyone is so supportive of eachother theres no competition.

What’s next for Amerrickan?
Coming out with a winter line early November and just got some of the designs up at hot topic so we are pretty excited about that.

If you could give a piece of advice to your younger self, what would it be and why?
I would say the lows that you experience are not that low and don’t think about it too much and dont over analyze.

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