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Bah Humbugly! Festive Sweaters For The Ages

There’s a lot about and showing no signs of ever leaving us be. Ever. Let’s raise a glass of eggnog to the fugliest trend in the Lapland.

From Nordic knits, fashionable Fairisles and screen printed sweatshirts, everyone’s getting in on the act. So with a bittersweet sense of Christmas spirit we can confirm that yes, ugly Christmas jumpers are here to stay. Sorry.

All is not lost! And we can only put it down to some sort of Chrismukkah miracle, among the fugly are some pretty amusing offerings asthe likes of Foo Fighters, Real Friends and R2D2 have stepped up to the plate to kit you out in this sleigh-load of festive attire.

Merry Christmas you filthy animals!






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