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Are You READY For Roadrunner Records Store Launch?

Hell Yes! Finally, the home of all things metal bring it home to UK shores as they fling open the digital doors to an inspired collection of merch, music, signed exclusives & more. to celebrate the launch there is a competition running with the sickest of all prizes up for grabs. The type of prize bragging rights were made for – seriously.

We took our time to lust after a whole host of Slipknot, Korn and Killswitch Engage music goodies before diving into the merch catalogue. Without further ado, shop our top fucking 6:
Trivium’s Reaper Cloak T-Shirt is metal as fuck.
Empress AD’s Mandala T-Shirt because fucking Peace pal.
Gojira’s Dragon T-Shirt has a fucking dragon on it.
Gojira’s Mouth Skull T-Shirt. We have this and always feel fucking rad wearing it.
Marmozets’ Lined Hate Hoodie is as clear and fucking simple as Hear’Say. But actually cool.
King 810’s Bandana depicts a beardy fucking hipster king but they’re so metal? Fucking intriguing, no?

There is even more scope in the music department and if you pick up anything from the newly opened store and you are guaranteed to be in with a chance to win the fucking incredible Slipknot Fridge or every release from the last year. All together now – FUCK YES!