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Are You Game For Accessories?

After Christmas we treated ourselves to a Nintendo WiiU because apparently the wonderful gifts we received weren’t quite enough. Kidding, but this console has been worth its weight in gold in the few days in our possession and I’m already kicking Tom’s butt on Super Smash Bros.

Gaming merch took control over Amazon’s homepage today, with spotlight focused on Assasin’s Creed, Nintendo, Pokemon, Call Of Duty and Minecraft you’d be hard pushed to see past what caught our eye. Having picked up some Nintendo treats at Hyper Japan last summer, we were keen to get stuck into the super fun world of gaming merch. In particular, the accessories.

This world is nothing but wall to wall entertainment and this spills freely over into the merchandise these companies and franchises create. Where more serious game franchises go head first into action figures and collectibles, our favourite funsters Nintendo have a stronghold in a plushy world of cuddly character cushions, retro totes and bric-a-brac, mugs and so on. And they do it so well.

It’s fun to take a step out of the oh-so-serious world of music merch and enjoy the nostalgic refresher that sees Mario, Luigi, Yoshi and Princess Peach get reworked into tangible fuzzy friends. Our favourites have been listed in the gallery above, and you can check out Amazon’s curation in full here.

Our top 3 items:
Zelda Reversible Backpack
Mushroom Stripey Socks
Tanooki Mario