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An Ode To Ricky Gervais


Animal rights activist, boundary pusher and hilariously offending people left, right and centre. Yes, Ricky Gervais, we salute you.

You might have heard of some kind of furor around Ricky Gervais and his general stance on how to be funny, and essentially what constitutes funny. If you haven’t, go internet search for it or talk to your colleague/mate/Mum or something because you need to understand how he overstepped the mark this time. To help us all, these are what we think are the main learnings we should all take from the Golden Globes are:

1. Be warned when people come out of their Safe Space for the night, they are fragile souls.
2. Comedy is pretty tough to understand or something.
3. Are you PC Bro?!

So in light of recent events causing a bunch of people to have a moan – because this IS the worst thing happening in the world at the moment – we’ve dug out some of Ricky Gervais’ best bits and bobs available online as a bit of a mini-homage to this excellent man. Hop on the Freelove Freeway and join in on spreading a little January Joy.

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