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ABCD’s The Little Rock Way

Every now and then something ace pops up and as a proud Aunty to three wicked niblings, I am really bloody enamoured with Little Rock Store. So, sorry Harry, Charlie and Lilly – no more Skylanders for you, you’re gonna be little rock superstars.

Based in The Netherlands, Little Rock Store are one of the primo purveyors of kids and baby merch. Whether you’ve created a Angel or a Voodoo Child, with this vast selection of tees, baby grows and rock n roll lullabies, sleepless nights caused by passé threads will be a thing of the past.

Just to up the cute ante, LRS have dropped a bunch of uber cute Duo Rocksets. This collection has been created especially for cool rock Mums and Dad and their equally painfully cool sprogs, including unisex and women’s fit tees paired up with kids shirts and babygrows featuring iconic and official designs. Seeing as these are such perfect gift fodder for yourself or a pal, may goodie bags forever be revolutionised!