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7 Reasons Horizon Supply Co. Is Leading The Charge

Clean and cool eCommerce is one of the things that makes our hearts skip a beat as if there’s a sample sale on payday, Beyonce has lead the way in this field for quite some time now but surely she can’t stay Queen of online forever. Right? Unsurprisingly, the launch of Bring Me The Horizon’s Horizon Supply Co. was one of our favourites moments of late 2014 so in case you missed it, here’s the low down.

1. The Merch
Informed by the heritage and sentiment that has kept BMTH at their peak, their merch has taken a more fashionable approach, another breath of fresh air in a world which has the serious potential to become lazy and stale. The explicit language, religious imagery, and general status quo challenging has been stepped up a notch with pop culture laden bromides, certain lines even get the on-trend sports luxe treatment.

2. Big, beautiful, editorial imagery
Much like Oli Syke’s ‘Drop Dead’, the first thing you land on is big, beautiful, editorial imagery. Of course it is. And it takes centre stage, so being bombarded with any number of featured/best selling lines is secondary for once leaving you time to visualise and engage with the fashions on offer.

3. Modern and mega easy to use
This is something we’d urge you to try out yourselves – click here to go to the store in a new tab. In a nutshell, it’s intuitive and simple to use, clean and all rather bright and breezily easy. Refreshing really. Such is the Shopify and BMTH way.

5. Va-va-zoom
Hoorah! A zoom that works! Professionally shot, high res imagery and there doesn’t appear to be a mock up in sight – if there is, their graphics guy/gal has fucking nailed it. What we’re trying to say is the image files are big enough and strong enough to support a proper zoom, and look impeccable while doing it. So good you can feel the fabric.

6. Ships internationally
And it doesn’t cost an arm and a leg. Fancy the Hammer Beanie for a New York winter? Around £4.95 (this is obviously an approximation, we cannot guarantee shipping fees) will get it into your hands for far from an arm and a leg. A lot more than can be said for some other merch companies!

And arguably, the most important one…

7. The Physical Springboard
You only need to look at the launch video in the player above to know this isn’t a band afraid of embracing bricks & mortar as a springboard for their online business. By inviting their fans in to experience who they are first hand on home turf (and not at a gig) they add a new dimension to the face of their brand. Shrewd. And though it may sound obvious, those highly recognisable faces and the ace experience fans had at the party, coupled with the fear of missing out from those who couldn’t make it, is forever attached to their store meaning one thing: the reach of their eCommerce is set to top even bigger heights.

If you hadn’t guessed, we’ve spent some time immersed in Horizon Supply Co. and posted our top picks in the gallery above.